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Smart phone and touch screen thermostats to easily control your heating system

  • Sangamo
    Netatmo - The Thermostat for Smartphones A New Concept For Your Heating
    • Adjust the temperature remotely from your smartphone, tablet or PC, or directly on the Thermostat.
    • Display your consumption history on the App.
    • The Thermostat creates a program creates based on your habits.
    • Predicts the start of the heating period depending on your household insulation and the temperature outside.
    • Reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 25%, and use heat only when you need it.
    • You receive a personal energy report each month that lets you track your consumption and helps you schedule your heating more effectively.
    Can replace most wall-mounted and wireless thermostats or can be installed as a new thermostat to regulate your boiler. Install it yourself or use professional installers.  
  • Flexel therm
    Features include: Easy to use - touchscreen interface makes any adjustment easy. Easy installation - choice of 4 factory preset program schedules to get your heating working quickly. Intuitive Programming - simple to usegraphical display with user-configured screen colours. Energy Efficient - optimise comfort and save energy with multiple time and temperature settings. Energy Monitor - shows how much energy is being used and when. Attractive Styling - choice of thermostat finishes and display options